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Bati Orient Bati Orient

Design, innovation, creation, this is what Bati Orient stands for. Customer satisfaction is our purpose, for which we resort to the most comprehensive range on the market (more than 350 SKUs).

We add an average of 50 SKUs per year to our ranges. We constantly follow up on fashion trends (furniture, textile, raw materials…) in order to remain proactive and innovative.

The quality of our products is one of our priorities. Our management of the supply chain and our clear technical specifications ensure optimal levels of quality. We search on all continents for numerous and original raw materials. Quality controls are carried throughout the manufacturing process.

Based on reliable logistics, the search for best service is always put first. Our covered warehouse surface equipped with storing racks. Over 1.000 pallets in stock, non-stacked, stored exclusively indoors.

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Providence Flooring does not carry every style of Bati Orient . Check with them first about a particular product or to see if your product choice is available for special order.